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Cinetrak : Your Movie Diary – The Upcoming App For Watching Your Favorite Movies: –

With the release of the latest smartphones with advanced technologies, users are found to be migrating from the traditional television systems to smartphones for watching their favorite movies. This has resulted in the development of some of the best apps that can help the users in this task. Among many of the apps of this type, each one has its pros and cons. To provide the users with the best app for watching movies, the Software Developer Cine Trak has come up with a new app the cinetrak : Your Movie Diary. This app is yet to be released with its full features. But as per the released version available for download from the Google Play Store, this app can be assumed to be the best one in the future. Download Cinetrak now on your android devices.


Nowadays users can’t find anything perfect if it does not have the option to share with others. Being aware of this requirement of the users, cinetrak has included a feature in it which allows the sharing of the best movies with your dear ones. This is just a single feature that shows how efficiently this app is designed. After doing enough research on the user requirements, the manufacturers of this app tried to include maximum features in this app. There is no doubt that if they continue to develop the app in this way the user base will increase gradually and this app will be listed as the number one app for watching movies.

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Features of the Cinetrak App that makes it the best pick for your Android devices: –

The cinetrak app is coming with some of the best functions that are required for an app of this type. Let us have a look at some of the major features among them. As the initial purpose of this app is to provide the users with the movies of different types, to consider this app to be the best of its type, it should perform this task in the perfect way. With the availability of a wide range of movies that comes under various categories like Popular, Trending, Upcoming, etc. the cinetrak app is found to be performing best in this part.

For any app with such a huge database, managing the favorite movies for easy search and view will be a tough task for the users. But cinetrak provides a solution for this problem as well. It allows users to create a Watchlist in which they can include the movies they want to view later. This helps the users to watch the selected movies easily in future. Another very good feature of this app is the availability of the reviews on the movies. This includes even the critic’s review with the details on the movie in each section of entertainment. It will be a very handy feature that helps the users to decide whether a movie should be watched or not. This, in turn, will save a lot of time for the users.

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The cinetrak APK also includes a feature that allows the users to upload their reviews on a movie or to rate it. This is something that a lot of users found to be very entertaining. The user interface of this app is another feature that requires special mentioning. It is designed in such a way that browsing between all the different features is quite easy even for the first-time users. The movie history feature of this app helps the users to easily identify the movies already viewed by them. This will eliminate the time that might be wasted by the users in buffering the same movie again. Depending on the history of movies that you watched, the cinetrak will provide your recommendation on the movies that suits you the best. This will prevent the users from missing any best movies from their favorite categories.

How to Download Cinetrak for Android?

The cinetrak app is currently available for the Android users only. The cinetrak APK download is a very easy process. Users who are using Android devices should log into their concerned Google Play Store accounts from their device. The successful login to this account will provide the users with the option to search for any of the apps required by them. So, users can search the cinetrak app in the search bar available in the Google Play Store. The search result will include the cinetrak for Android which the users can download from there. This is not a premium app now, and hence it is available for free download. Clicking on the installation button will then install the cinetrak app into your Android device.

Being an app available from the Google Play Store itself, the users need not root their Android devices for its installation. This feature also makes the app free from any security issues and hence can be used as a safer app for Android devices. Also, you will get regular update notification from the Google Play Store whenever a new update for this app is released. These are some of the unique features of the apps that are downloaded from the inbuilt app store of the Android smartphones.

Pros of Cinetak

  • Helps to find the best movies.
  • Provides summary of the movies.
  • Gives you rating for all the albums.
  • Very fast video streaming.


Watching movies in smartphones has a lot of benefits over the conventional method of watching it on television. One of the major benefits of this is the convenience that it is providing to the users. Unlike Television where all the viewers should be forced to watch the same movie at the same time, the movie streaming apps on smartphones allow each viewer to select the movies of their choice. The cinetrak for Android is found to be the perfect choice for this task.

Even if it is yet to release with the full features, the so-called trial version of the cinetrak for Android is fulfilling almost all the requirement of the users. It is expected that once the full version of this app is released almost, all its competitors will have no other option than accepting their failure in front of this amazing app. So, we recommend our readers to start using it from today itself. The cinetrak for Android can be a good companion for you within a very short time itself.

Updated: July 11, 2017 — 4:50 pm

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