Mobile Strike – The Action Game for Android Apk and iOS Users

Smartphone games are now more popular ever than before and people are searching for the best games that they can accommodate in their devices depending on its configuration. Some of the latest games with extremely good graphics are seen to be supported properly in only smartphones with 4 GB RAM. This eliminates the chance of the largest section of smartphone users, who has smartphones with a 2 GB RAM to play those games. But today we will introduce an excellent action game that can be played well even in smartphones with an average configuration as well. It is the Mobile Strike app that I am talking about. The support to the low-end devices doesn’t mean that this game comes with a less graphic feature or can’t make the high-end device users satisfied. You must Download Game Guardian to change the points and levels in this game. The manufacturers of this game, Epic War LLC, has designed it so carefully that it can support all the different type of smartphones available in the market now.

Mobile Strike Game

Mobile Strike

One of the major drawback observed in new generation games is that a lot of them can either support an Android device or an Apple device. It is very few of them that can provide support for both these devices. The Mobile Strike App is one among those which can be enjoyed by users with an Android smartphone or an iPhone. Also, this game is made available for free download so that users does not require to root or jailbreak their devices to use this free game. A lot of other good features are also included in the Mobile Strike Game which makes it the best pick for all class of users. Go through this complete article to know the features of this game and the steps for the mobile strike APK download for Android and Apple devices. Mobile Strike Girls is a similar mod of this game made for the girls who love to play this.

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Features of Mobile Strike Game: –

The Mobile Strike App falls into the category of MMO games which means Massive Multiplayer Online game. The players of this game are required to build up a home base of their own and then need to protect it from the attack of the enemies. Along with this, they should also attack the nearby enemy bases as well. Successful completion of these two tasks will help them to progress in the game. The enjoyment of the game increases along with the size of the screen and users with a tablet can find it more interesting rather than a smartphone user. Being an MMO game, the Mobile Strike requires the users to spend a very good time on this game each day. Otherwise, the players with which you are competing will go far ahead of you. It means this game is not for those people who just want to play a game during their weekends when they have spare time. Before downloading this game, users should be aware of this.

Mobile Strike Online / Play Mobile Strike

Users have raised a major concerned about the Mobile Strike Game that it drains the battery of their phones very quickly. But it cannot be considered as a drawback of this game as most of the new generation games are found to be having the same feature. The better option is to play this game when you are available at home or if you are traveling try to carry a power bank for this purpose. The overall performance of the app is so good that most of the users ignore its inability to keep the battery at a very good stage after playing for hours. The Google Play Store Shows a total of more than 50 Million downloads for this app which is a proof of how vast the customer base of the Mobile Strike is. Mobile Strike is a very addictive games for all boys and girls.

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Steps for Mobile Strike APK Download on Android and Apple Devices: –

The task of mobile strike game download is very simple as this free game is available for download in the Google Play Store and the iTunes Stores also. Android users can simply log into their concerned Google Play Store account and search for this game. By following the easy installation option they can get this amazing game available to play on their Android devices. Even though this is a free app, it has in-app purchases available for the users to boost their games. If the game is found interesting, users can try for this purchases as it helps to increase the level of game enjoyment.

Mobile Strike Game Download Cheats

The Mobile Strike download is available for the Apple device users from the iTunes Store. New iPhone users should create their login ids in the iTunes Store for downloading this amazing game. Existing users can find this process even simpler as they already have a login to the iTunes Stores. They can directly download this game from the store and can start using it.

Mobile Strike Girls

Here the iPad users can get the benefit of playing with a large screen and hence enjoy the game with more ease. Mobile Strike Girls is also popular. The remaining group of users who are looking for the Mobile Strike download is the PC users. They can also follow the same process as mentioned for the Android users, provided an Android emulator is installed on their computers.

Conclusion: –

Among the huge list of available games for the smartphones, it is observed that the ones which include creation of an army and going for an action filled battle are the ones that are seen to be the most popular ones. Even if you check the list of top 10 smartphone games, you can find a minimum of 3-4 games of this type in the list. It is this popularity that resulted in games like Mobile Strike to come up with excellent features to attract the users. With the increasing customer base throughout the World, the Mobile Strike is now considered as the best game of its type. The existing users of this game are referring it to others and the support for both Android and Apple devices makes it easy for them to use it in devices of their own choice. After trying it for a day I am now a big fan of this game and will suggest it to people who likes to enjoy a fun filled action game. To enjoy the Mobile Strike App in full swing, users need to spend minimum 2 hours of a day in playing this game.

Updated: July 3, 2017 — 12:16 pm

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